I love my self serve gas station ?? lol

I love my self serve gas station ?? lol

I been on CB since . I had some lag issues on my regular site that’s why signed up on CB and don’t regret anything. So far I have been having a good time. Lots of good tippers and wonderful kinky people with similar interests. The software works good. Took me a long time to figure out the bots and apps, but I got it working eventually. Not being rude but it sort of reminds me of a self serve gas station. ?? You can pick and choose the bots and app that’s suits you best while streaming your show.. my Lovense is easy to connect using my Mac ??. OBS was no problem. I had very few lag issues. There’s the option to go private or not and you can set your own rate. All hour shows are recorded and you can request a down load. You can even have your model friends sit in your room to keep your viewer numbers up. You can offer a monthly fan club where you set your own rates. You can sell Snapchat/WhatsApp/Instagram subscriptions right from your profile page.

I have my profille filed, lovense working all time, a good bio, i do promote my shows on social networks, good and recent pics and just nothing, if i have a private in one day is a miracle

Honestly, i dont get how chaturbate is so popular, this is the second account i have, on the first account i could be all day there that i will not do a single tip, on this account i did a cash out once but was luck only, a guy sent me a really good tip, but normaly, i am spliting cams to give to chaturbate a chance, and when im doing something really hot, teasing, not naked obviously, all the sites are tipping me less chaturbate lol. Here i can be all day without tips, guys that come to my chat are free loaders and ask always the same, i have the cheapest rates and they ask always if they have to tip me for more hardcore things, like would be bad to tip a model who is doing something for a really cheap price, wtf. The payment when i cash out was good, support more or less cause i dont understand why this time they was just searching for problems in my verification process, software is good, but. All that just dont matter if you dont have traffic, i think this platform is not newbie friendly, just that, once problably it was but now is not giving a good chance for new models.

I love https://hookupdate.net/furfling-review/ chaturbate thanks so much

Chaturbate can be hard for some. There is a lot of competition and sometimes it seems someone comes along doing hardly anything but has heaps of tippers. Then there are others that are tying hard doing as much as they can but get hardly anything. I think if you are multistreaming that may be part of the problem. It isn’t hard to work out a model is doing that and they will just allow the other sites to tip, if they even bother to stay in tyhe room. If you are doing alright on the other sites then why bother with CB? Without your attention there you will likely not do well. It would be worth trying it without a multistream and see if it is any better. The only other thing I noticed the pics on your profile here look a lot like the studio setups. If that is the same when you are camming people might think you are one of the Colombian studio girls. They don’t get as much tippers in general. Stick to what works for you. Sometimes a camsite is not suited to your personality.

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